Sorority Recommendation Letter - Beginner's Instructions For Reference Letters

Sorority Recommendation Letter

At some point in your career, it's likely that you'll request a letter of reference or recommendation from someone of importance, or it's possible that you may be asked to write a letter of reference or recommendation for someone else.

You need to carefully think of the things you have to say before you actually start writing the letter. Make a draft if necessary. Add an anecdote if you feel like it would help. Just make sure that the person will stand out.

Here are some tips on preparing references, and some samples of reference letters and the types of information that may properly be released during a reference check.

* Tailor the recommendation to the position.
* Write It Only If You Want To

* When requesting a recommendation letter, ask (preferably in person) someone who knows you fairly well and who you know will complete the task in time to meet your deadline.
* Letters of recommendation are typically written within a professional context, so word processing is generally the preferred medium.

Sample Character, Personal Reference Letter

I have known Name for two years in my capacity as a teacher at Cougar School. Name took English from me and earned superior grades in those classes. Based on Name grades, attendance and class participation, I'd rate Name academic performance in my class as superior.

Name has a number of strengths to offer an employer. Name is always interested in supporting others. For example, this year when we worked on our class community service project, Name was helpful to me in collecting and organizing the programs here in Wilfred.

As a student in my class, Name has distinguished himself with consistency of preparation, obvious grasp of issues, clarity of reasoning, and an ability to express himself in front of his classmates. He was always keenly interested in subject matter, and was quick to initiate discussion of important topics. His examination results were consistent with his high class standing.

She has also been my riding student, and assisted me with the many tasks required to run a thorough bred breeding facility. She has spent several summers working on the farm, as well as time during school vacations, after school, and weekends.

Name has done an excellent job and I would highly recommend her for a position with your organization. Please let me know if I can provide you with any further information.


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Sorority Recommendation Letter